Meet Momo Sakura

International Kimono Flautist. Composer. Sound Healer.

For Japanese-born flautist Momo Sakura, music is more than an art form—it’s a universal force for healing and connection. To share this incredible magic with the world, Momo has spent the past four decades composing, teaching, and performing traditional Japanese flute music, often alongside renowned artists. Her passion and dedication to the craft have connected her with audiences across New York, Japan, and Australia. 

Through many ups and downs, including mental health struggles and cancer recovery, Momo has consistently turned to music and spirituality as an antidote. She sees music as a grounding force that brings her back to her true nature—a perfectly flawed human who is in perpetual flow with the world. Momo believes that every piece of music holds a certain vibration and has dedicated her life to evoking deep emotional resonance with the medicine of Japanese flute music.

In 2021, Momo combined her love for storytelling and music to launch a live-streamed worldwide concert that was developed for Japanese literature and performed with narration.  Today, she travels the world delivering healing musical performances as The Kimono Flautist. Momo’s performances are inspired by the sounds of Ryuichi Sakamoto and the many audience members who are visibly moved by her pieces. Momo’s full collection of work can be found on her website and at the State Library of Western Australia, where she is recognised as an artistic heritage.

Whether you are moving through a difficult period in your life or you simply wish to experience the subtle beauty of this ancient music form, Momo Sakura is your trusted guide.

Discover the healing power of Japanese flute music today.

“Beauty is a dynamic event that occurs between you and something else. Beauty is something that can spontaneously occur at any given moment, given the proper circumstances, context, or point of view. Beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace.” -Leonard Koren, Wabi Sabi

Extended Biography

Early Life & Education

Momo spent most of her childhood roaming her parents’ Tokyo music shop, where she was surrounded by every genre, from classical to rock and roll. By the age of nine, she joined the school band and started playing the flute and the piano. In 1992, Momo completed her Bachelor’s degree in flute performance from the Tokyo College of Music and gave her first solo recital in Perth that same year.

Chasing the Good Times Down Under

After visiting Australia for the first time in 1991 to participate in the National Flute Convention, Momo fell in love. For the first time, she felt the freedom to have fun with music instead of taking it so seriously all the time. Following her graduation, she decided to move to Australia and become a full-time student studying English at Edith Cowen University in Perth. She officially emigrated in 1995 as a permanent resident.


As Momo became more attuned to the power of music as a connector, she started holding concerts in Perth to perform with local musicians. She also performed at local high schools, including St. Hilda’s School for girls, where she eventually started giving flute lessons. Her passion for teaching really took off, and she went on to teach at John Septimus Row Anglican School and Prediville Catholic College in Perth.

First Compositions & Artistic Debut

In September 2000, to her surprise, Momo started writing her own music. During this period, she felt fully connected to her craft, and her deep love for music flowed through her, resulting in the beginnings of her oeuvre. Momo partnered with the talented guitarist Simon Rovis-Hermann to record their first album, “Awakening”, in 2001. The duo successfully toured 12 cities in Australia and Japan.

Visual Archive

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