Experience the healing power of Japanese flute music.

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Discover Japanese culture through sound

The serenity and simplicity of Japanese music and culture is deeply soothing, calming, and healing, making it the perfect way to create a grounded environment, whether for an event, a healing session or to spark inspiration. I have witnessed strangers approach me and seniors stand up from their wheelchairs for the first time in years, all from experiencing a live Japanese flute music performance. Are you ready to experience traditional Japanese culture on a deeper level? Have you always wanted to share the healing power of flute music with others?

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Always in bloom

Like sakura (Japanese for cherry blossoms), which only blooms after a long and difficult winter, I have experienced my fair share of hardship before finding my calling as the Kimono Flautist. In every moment of my life’s darkest winters, music has been a salve, a glimmer reminding me of the beauty present in every moment. As the Kimono Flautist, I want to share the magic of healing flute music with you, helping you tap into your inner bloom.


Music is the universal love language that will bring us together

Having travelled around the world, I know the challenges of assimilating into new cultures from scratch. Without a shared language, travel can be an isolating experience. Yet, no matter the language barrier, music has always been the perfect medium for me to connect with others. I learned early on in life that music has the power to pull people from different walks of life into one singular frequency. The potent healing resonance of flute music goes beyond our conscious minds, mirroring the complexity of our human experience through the subtle power of sound. Whether you are experiencing the most wonderful or most difficult period of your life, Japanese flute music can help you reconnect to your true nature.


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