Momo Sakura


Kimono Flute Meditation

by Momochiyo

Released 2012
Miyako Records
Released 2012
Miyako Records
"Kojo no tsuki" was written in 1901, by Rentaro Taki. It really has "strength" "strictness" and "kindness" etc, all sorts of feelings which based on Samurai spirits.
It has power to free yourself.
Momo has been playing "Kojo no tsuki" since 2005. Her youtube video made 77000 hits (March 2012) and attracted many comments from all over the world.

From her performer's experience, she has certainly learned what "strength" "strictness" "kindness" "healing" really mean. And she does believe that we, every single person needs to feel the power and energy.

Just 5 minutes a day, listen to this for conditioning yourself. It will definitely bring you a lot of potential, energy and pleasure. Enjoy!