Momo happily accepts commissions to compose music in a range of genres. Her specialty is chamber music, however she also composes all sorts of music and arrangements of existing songs (licenses required).

Commissioning Fees 

Solo/Duo – excluding keyboard (including piano), harp
$400-$800 per minute

Chamber/A Capella Choral/Keyboards (3-9 parts)
$600-$1000 per minute

Chamber Ensemble/Orchestra (10-20 parts)
$650-$1400 per minute

Full Orchestra/Symphonic Band/Brass Band (21 parts +)
$1000-$2000 per minute

Orchestra + soloists/Choir (inc. Opera) (21 parts +)
$1000-$2000 per minute.

April, 2019 Under the Sakura trees
March, 2019 Call my name
Kimono Flautist Momo Sakura
Flute Concerto "SAKURA"
Mozart Divertimento K136
"A solitary bird aims its beak to the skies" movie
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