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Momo Sakura - Zen composer, Kimono flautist



Momo was brought up in her parents’ music shop, surrounded by many different types of music from Classical to Rock’n Roll! Started flute at the age of 10. Majoring in music with Flute as her specific instrument at Tokyo College of Music. She migrated to Australia to develop her English language skills. She developed her passion for music by holding many musical concerts and shared her love and gift of playing with a local high school. In 2001 she paired up with a talented guitarist Simon Rovis-Hermann and together they toured 12 places both in Australia and Japan. In 2007, her work “Snow woman”(original story by Yakumo Koizumi) was premiered in Western Australia University, commissioned by Consulate-General of Japan in Perth. She returned to Japan in 2009, and has been passionate about composing “ultimate healing” music, as well as performing as a member of the healing unit “FluteOboe”. Momo recognised as a “Western Australian Composer” from the State Library of Western Australia, where her collection of works have been archived.

What is Zen? 


Tokyo-born Momo started playing the piano at the age of nine, then flute studies at the age of ten.
She studied at the Tokyo College of Music and gave her first solo recital in Perth.

the First recital

She taught flute at St.Hilda's school of girls, Prendiville Catholic College, John Septimus Roe Anglican School in Perth from 1997 to 2001.

She is a professional interpreter recognized by NAATI. (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters )

Started composing in 2000.

In 2000, western australian guitarist, Simon Rovis-Hermann joined her, formed flute and guitar duo "SilverStrings", they toured Cairns and Japan, gave 12 concerts.

Midwest Times

Cairns Times

Geralton Times


Started performance as Japanese "kimono" flautist since 2006.

Very Japanese Concert


Very Japanese Concert Music &Sushi!

Awakening Concert

Her first concert "Very Japanese Concert" was so popular, was sold out!

音楽で日本へ旅する The Post

日本的なフルーティスト Asian Times

ゆうれいのお話はこわい The post

In 2007, she wrote her original work "the Snow woman" based on the story of "Yuki onna" by Yakumo Koizumi. The premiere performance was conducted by Consulate General of Japan in Perth.

The Snow woman

In January 2009, her "kojo no tsuki" performance was used for TV documentary programme "Bombers moon" PBS Network, United states. http://www.frommistsoftime.org/portfolio/bombers-moon-girls-beneath-the-bombs/

In 2010, she completed the album "Ise ~heart of the Isuzu river" which is combination of natural river sound of the sacred Isuzu river and momochiyo’s flute sound. This album certainly gives an opportunity to meet something very ancient and sacred Japanese beauty.

Latest album is "ISE ~heart of Isuzu river~, available at iTunes store.

After the Great East Earthquake, March 2011, she had many charity performances in Australia.

Prayer-inori- Concert

color box,label=swfu/d/char2.jpg,To mo da chi Concert

Ka ke ha shi Concert


In 2012, she gave a concert every month with oboist Masayo Miyata.

As an arranger, she has arranged more than 140 pieces of flute duet.  Here!>画像の説明

In 2013, she became Momo Sakura.

Since 2015, State Library of Western Australia has her all works, and gave a full recognition as artistic heritage of Western Australia.
State Library Of WA

In August 2015, "Ubazakura" (The cherry tree of the milk nurse)!  English version 

She regularly gives concerts both in Australia and Japan.